Transforming the healthcare experience for unions.

Premise Health is bringing exceptional healthcare to unions and their members across the nation.

We work with the best...

Forward-thinking unions like Midwest Operating Engineers, Mid-America Carpenters, Midwest Coalition of Labor, Unite Here!, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers have all invested in direct healthcare for their members and families.

We’re honored to partner with union organizations and Taft-Hartley funds to redefine healthcare for their members. By ensuring healthcare is easy to access, accountable, and value-driven, we help people get, stay, and be well.

Premise and The Workers' Mic

Premise Heath is a proud sponsor of WGN’s “The Workers’ Mic”! Listen in as we share innovative, direct healthcare partnerships that improve the lives of union members across the country.

Want to learn more?

We recently featured one of our Taft-Hartley fund partners, Midwest Operating Engineers (MOE), in a success story where they found that providing affordable care through convenient wellness centers motivated their members to use those resources and build a better bill of health as a result.

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